Tips to Control Child Nausea On a Family Road Trip

Tips to Control Child Nausea On a Family Road Trip

Road trips are amazing, aren't they? Especially when done with the family. They're a chance to explore, a chance to make memories you and your children will never forget, a chance to really live life to the fullest together. 


The greatest part of a road trip isn't arriving at your destination, it's all the crazy stuff that happens along the way -like your child throwing up all over you, for instance. 


Now, we know that's not something you want to happen (for your sake and your child's). That's why we're going to walk you through the much-needed tips to control car sickness and child nausea while on your fun family road trip. 


What Is Car Sickness? 

Car sickness refers to a breed of motion sickness. It occurs when the brain receives conflicting information from your inner eyes, ears, and nerves in your joints and muscles. 


As bad as it can be for adults, it's even worse for children. Child nausea happens when a child is sitting low in the car's back seat and unable to see out of their window. It can also happen to an older child reading a book in the car. 


In this case, the child's inner ear will sense motion, but their eyes and body won't. The result? An upset stomach, cold sweats, fatigue, loss of appetite or vomiting, and puke all over the back seat of dad's new car. 


What to Do If Your Child Feels Sick in the Car 

You could take all the preventive steps in the world, but child nausea could still hit. That's why it's best always to take steps to make the best out of a bad situation. 


If child nausea is a regular occurrence in your household, keep the below tips to control child nausea in mind: 


  • Ensure you have a bucket or durable, easy-to-open bag for throwing up in. 


  • Grab disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer on your trip (this can be a life saver).  


If sickness strikes, stop the car as soon as you can in a safe area. Get out, grab your child, and have a walk around. If they're unable to walk right away, lay them down on their back, put their knees up, and allow them to relax with their eyes shut. If lying in the car, ensure fresh air seeps through. 


If you happen to stop near a store, grab some ginger ale or a drink that will help settle the stomach. All you have to do at this point, is take their mind off being sick while somebody else cleans the car and removes any lingering smells.  


How to Prevent Nausea In Children on Family Road Trips 


Look Up, and Look Out the Window 


To prevent child nausea, ensure you sit your child in the middle seat in order to give them a clear view out of the front windshield. Games, iPads, and books are a great way of keeping your child busy during long drives; however, they can also play a role in car sickness. 


If your child feels sick, initiate fun games that will allow them to look out of the car window instead of activities that may require them to look down. 


Travel When They're Asleep


If your road trip revolves around getting to a final destination rather than sightseeing along the way, drive through the night. You can even start it very early in the morning or at their usual nap times so they stay asleep for a generous part of the trip.


Eat Bland Foods 


If food is essential before you get going, then easy-to-digest foods should be your go-to. This is a great tool for anti-nausea for kids, as bland foods will not upset their stomach. Aim to grab items like dry cereal and plain snack bars to ensure a safe choice. 


As fun as they are, try to stay away from sugary snacks and drinks, as they will probably just upset their stomach. 


Seek Fresh Air 


Fresh air is an excellent technique in anti-nausea for kids. It's the perfect weapon for battling car sickness when your child starts to feel under the weather. Crack open a window, the sunroof, or anything that will get enough air into the car to help settle their stomach. 


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Follow all the tips to control child nausea above, grab your P6 Bands, and, hopefully, you'll have a fun and carsick-free trip that you all will never forget. Happy travels!

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